Tabriz Autoparts & Machine Manufacturers' Association ( TAMMA) as the first automotive association in Iran, with more than 22 years of experience and 150 members is located at Automotive Technology Park in west of Tabriz, where many large industries are located. TAMMA has been supported by the government and private sector and during recent years the whole group was dedicated to develop and extend members' commercial and technological affairs. TAMMA has been officially started its activity since 1992 and established on the basis of technical and commercial support to its members. This region has been considered with many overseas investors for long time, because of its high capacities and capabilities in this industry. Big companies such as Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCO), Iran Diesel Engine Manufacturing (IDEM), Bonyan Diesel, Pumpiran, and etc. are located in this region as mother industries. Therefore TAMMA as an Iranian leading association in this industry is ready to prepare fundamentals for mutual cooperation with enterprises from all over the world.



Our vision for our auto part manufacturers is to produce with the last technology in the world and to be the leading exporters of auto parts to auto manufacturers worldwide.  


  • Creating strategies to meet the expectations of its members
  • Integrating all members for the purpose of improving and extending the Iran automotive parts industry through having cooperation and effect in governmental decisions and policies for automotive industry
  • Supporting members' legal rights under ethical bases
  • Arranging technical supports, training programs, marketing, financial, managerial and etc. for continuous improvement
  • Presence in domestic and international markets.

Production Groups in TAMMA

  • Chassis , Suspension System
  • Power Train
  • Engine & Engine Parts
  • Body Structure Parts
  • Electrical Parts & Lighting System
  • Heat Treatment / Foundry / Casting
  • Tractor & Heavy Machinery Parts
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic
  • Plastic Parts
  • Industrial Fittings & Bolts
  • CNC Machinery
  • Raw Material

Main Activities


Cooperation with Universities and institutes

In order to have the university students in related field participate in auto and auto part industry, the association acts to cooperate with universities and institutes.


Cooperation with government organizations

Association cooperates with government authorities in order to protect its members rights and help them solving their problems in various cases such as : Tax, Legal, Insurance, Employer & Employee Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and Trade Affairs, Iran Small Industries and other organizations.


Training Programs and Seminars

Organizing training programs in technical, management, and other required fields for members, arranging professional seminars


Member Business Relations

Organizing regular member meetings for improving the relations and increasing the possibility of staring new projects and also forming an environment for members to share their problems



Signing agreements with organizers of domestic and foreign exhibitions in order to accelerate the conditions of participating in fairs for our members as exhibitors – Organizing industrial & business tours from domestic and foreign fairs for our members – Association's presence in domestic and foreign exhibitions as an exhibitor for introducing the association, its members and their products & services


Association Committees

In order to give satisfactory services to its members, TAMMA acts to create following committees:

  • Financial – Commercial Committee
  • Public Relations and Training Committee
  • Auto parts Cluster Committee
  • Legal, Insurance, Employment Affairs Committee



Integration auto parts manufacturers in automotive industry by recruiting process


Association Magazine

Publishing association magazine called "Charkhesh" every two months including innovations and up to date technologies of the world in the automotive industry



International Affairs and Global Markets

Signing agreements with associations and auto parts cluster in international level in order to take into survey domestic manufacturers' condition, creating opportunities for improving knowledge of our members, supplying modern machinery, creating a possibility to arrange visits to famous automotive and auto parts manufacturers in the world and thus creating an appropriate atmosphere for extending international relationships and increasing the exports to foreign countries


Other Activities

Preparing members database and identification of potential production facilities of our members to participate them in industrial production processes such as Oil, Gas , Rail Industry , …

تمامی حقوق مادی و م معنوی این سایت نزد انجمن سازندگان ماشین قطعه و مجموعه صنعتی و خودروی تبریز محفوظ می باشد . اجرا، پشتیبانی ،طراحی شرکت صدر افزار